There are specific Standards apply to FIBCs for the packing and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous cargo. In both cases testing is stringent and Safety Factors (SF) are built into the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the FIBC to allow for both the dynamic loads the container will be subjected to and the life of the container.

Starco Bigbag not only require that all FIBCs are tested to the relevant standard we insist that all of the components that go into making the finished bag are also tested. Prior to the FIBC being produced several steps must take place before the finished product is ready for packing and shipping to the end user.

Here is below the test we run in the house ;

- Yarn tensile & elongation test
- Fabric tensile & elongation test
- Accelarated UV test
- Coating performance test
- Sifting test
- Cyclic top lift and load to failure test
- Tear test
- Topple test
- Drop test
- Stacking test
- Breakdown voltage test
- Grounding test













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