Baffle / Q Bigbag

Bags with inner structure designed for the transportation of loose material. Due to the inner construction these bags keep the stable form without any bulge and can help to save up to 25% in storage and transportation space.We recommend special Big bags with inner construction made of PP/PES net for filling nonabrasive material with difficult spillage.



Advantages of formstable big bags

  • Q-bags stay inside the borders of pallets
  • Easier to store. They stand better in shelfs and are more stable
  • Safe space in storage - formstable FIBC safe up to 25% of space
  • Safe space during transportation on road or rail, more economical transport (up to 25%) of formstable big bags compared to standard big bags
  • Q-bags can be used for packing any bulk materials like milk powder, granules or powders from the chemical industry.


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