4 loops

We produce bags of all types and designs, which is the unique flexible packing. We produce and offer standard bags entirely infour-pointversions, tailor-made, always according to the customer´s requested specifications.

We are able to produce 4 loops bags with uncoated and coated fabrics of 135, 160, 175, 180, 195, 200, 215, 220 and 240-260 g/m2, flat/sulzer – circular – Reinforced circular fabrics, with or without single or double dust proof seams ,with PE liners if required (depending on the sort of filled products) including barrier liners protecting typical product properties (ALU, PAD, EVOH) , SWL from 500 kg to 2000kg, SF 5:1 (single trip) and 6:1 (multi trip) , 1-8 colour-printing, on 1-4 sides


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