Star twines, which are produced from 100% original PP raw materials, can be manufactured between 5.000 and 100.000 denier in requested colors and bobbin weight with a high strength and sun-resistant.

They can be used in either in agriculture or packaging industry in various specifications.

Usage areas;

Gulip twines are used for Agricultural Industry; Wheat, Barley, Oat, Corn, Madicago, baling, sacks mouth closing&stitching, vineyards, greenhouses, packaging, and etc.


Baler Twine

It is Fibrilated and UV treated

From start to end, it is speacially designed for usage of baler without any problem.

It is unpatched and unknotted.

It is durable for hard wheather conditions like rain, sun, and etc.

It has high strength.It is used for machine straw and herb bales.

It is suitable for automatic baler machine.


PP Closing Twine


Bag Closing Twine Made of 100% pure polypropylene,

Mostly, used in binding the mouths of the bags.

PP Bag Closing Twines let binding the mouth of bags tightly and easier to the workers by using packing
needles during the bonding processes due to have especially rigid and tough structures.

UV treatment is not required; PP Bag Closing Twines are preferred also as natural and pure without additives.

PP Bag Closing Twine,

  • Fibrillated.
  • PP Bag Closing Twine is unpatched and unknotted.
  • PP Bag Closing Twine does not untie from the knot.
  • PP Bag Closing Twine has high strength.
  • Can be produced in the requested color and denier.

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