The bobbins of tapes formed in above stage are loaded onto weaving looms which can be Circular Looms, Flat Sulzer looms, and Narrow looms depending upon users requirement. Here, the fabric used in the manufacturing of Bulk bags is formed. The same material is also used for duffle, bottom and top spouts.


Circular Looms

We are able to weave both reinforced or non reinforced circular fabrics with a weight of 90 gr/m2 and 260 gr/m2 and a wide range of fabric width.


Flat Looms

From 160 gr/m2 to 200 gr/m2 fabrics with different widths and designs can be woven in the flat weaving machinery which allow lower rate of waste and high resistance.


Narrow Looms

With diffent widths and resistance lifting loops can be weaved as well as ties for closure purposes.

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