1&2 Loop


One and two loop bags are cost effective bulk-handling solution for transporting, storing and protecting different types of bulk products. 1- and 2-loop big bags give high flexibility and improved logistics, comes with different designs, i.e. with filling and discharge spout, coated bags without liner, uncoated with PE Liner,star base bags, Single seam base bags, dangerous goods bags, and so on.. white fabric colour is standard, other colours also available (green, yellow, blue etc.)incase MOQ provided. Big bags can be made for loads from 500 kg up to 1,500 kg. , can be delivered on pallets for manual filling lines or on rolls for automatic filling lines. Safety factors: 5:1, 6:1, UN , the inner liner can be provided in different designs and thicknesses for optimal performance ,1&2-loop bags are suitable for a big range of bulk products: fertilisers, animal feed, seeds, cement, minerals, chemicals, foodstuff etc.


In short:


• High tensile strength

• UV stabilized    

• Different types of fabric weight/colours

• Coextruded LDPE / LLDPE liner (60 to 130 µm)

• Safety Working Load (500-1500 kg)

• Safety Factor (5:1 - 6:1)

• UN Certified

• 100% recyclable



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