All the components like fabric cut panels, webbings, spouts, duffle are brought together and stitched by qualified tailors to give shape to each bulk bag. The bags are thoroughly inspected by qualified supervisors to ensure that it is free from any defects.

In order to provide accurate and quality products to all industries we operate with expertized sewing staff in our distinct standart and food grade room production areas where training is a permanent and indispensable part of the process.


Standart Production

In the standart production area the bags are produced which are used for the storage and transportation of various goods and chemicals in conformity with

international security standards.

Standart big bags are produced in conformity with certificates given by independent test laboratories for a filling capacity of 500 to 2000kg with 5 :1 and 6 :1 security quotients.

  • Heat cutting
  • Unbreakable glass and lamps
  • Controlled usage of needles and metallic items
  • Pest control
  • Vacuum control
  • Light table control


Food Grade Production

The big bags produced in food grade production are pass through metal detectors and final cleaning process where vacuumers and air blowers are used and are checked one by one on light tables before being pressed and palletized.


Having a bag from food grade production area ensures some benefits;

  • %100 conformity to international food regulations.
  • Packaging which prevents the undesired foreign substance risk and assures protection against external factors and odours.
  • Preventive cleaning procedures against undesired foreign substance risk.
  • High level food product safety.
  • Products with international safety certificates.


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