About Us



Starco Bigbag was established in 1999 first as a twine producer. The company after 2009 started to focus on FIBC products. Today company’s 95% of revenues are coming from export markets.


We have a environmentally friendly, and vertically integrated manufacturing facility with extrusion, weaving and sewing divisions. Our extrusion and weaving operations are based in Central Anatolia, and the sewing operations of the company are based in Istanbul


One of the biggest advantage of the company is the wide product range and flexibility thanks to our experience and vertically integrated manufacturing.



Our Mission

We make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with us and that they remain so. For you, the customer, this means that you are assured of sustainable products and services, benefit from an international network, can count on a sound and healthy company and can make full use of all available expertise.

Our Vision

Investing in human resources and state-of-the-art-technology and keep our standing as a reputable, strong, honest and trustworthy establishment who provides best quality goods and services to worldwide customers through its core philosophy, high volume production, courage and dynamism and creative, innovative and competitive approach.

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